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Phil Wolff & Monty Warren


  • Phil Wolff is a well known rock vocalist who has been thrilling European and Scandinavian audiences for years. Monty Warren is a Stonsey/Tom Petty-esque singer songwriter and is the front man for the American rock band, Monty Warren & The Friggin' Whatevers.

    A Facebook friendship ultimately resulted in Phil appearing on a track("Hey,Junkman") on Monty's last album. "Far Out/Close Up" which was released in 2016. That song was so successful that they decided to make an album together and "Two Badasses" was thereafter born.




  • The album kicks off with the anthem rocker." Massivo Love". and proceeds to move through the different genres of roots/Americana rock before reaching it's Beatles meets Stones finale{"The Final Stand").



If you like your rock and roll 70's style ..this is for you.