About Monty Warren


  For various reasons - most notably getting a career as a trial lawyer off the ground so he could support his mother - Monty Warren waited almost 20 years to officially enter the music business. But when go time hit, Warren (who these days splits his time between his home state of Florida and his adopted digs of Raleigh, N.C.) was already at full speed, with music that seems hell-bent on genuflecting Chuck Berry-ward, out drinking Keith Richards and dissecting head and heart with the skewed precision of Paul Westerberg. Warren worked with Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team - think Rockpile and Faces lost in the wilds of North Caroline - on his debut. Hes the mastermind behind Monty Warren & The Friggin` Whatevers which released the albums "Let`s Go To Therapy" (with Ian McLagan playing keyboards on the title track) and "Far Out Close Up" which contains the first collaboration with Phil Wolff on the track "Hey Junkman". A Live Album is in the works.


Monty Warren

 - Trailer Park Angel


Monty Warren & The Friggin`  Whatevers 

- Tips`n Tricks/Sweet Tooth (Single)


- Let`s Go To Therapy


-Far Out Close Up


Trailer Park Angel


Monty Warren & The Friggin Whatevers  

Live from CBS12

Let`s Go To Therapy

Title Track from Monty`s second Album